Friday, February 28, 2020

Global e-business ( two question in the sources) Essay

Global e-business ( two question in the sources) - Essay Example Many successful businesses are revamping their existing business structure and adding e-business components to their primary business model in order to enjoy the opportunity created by the disruptive web technology. Nonetheless, the extent of adapting to electronics business varies according to the companies, as some of them employ entire electronic business models and some only adopts support functions, like, communications. The purpose of this project is to devise the way in which Azinsu, an apparel brand with a niche market, can use benefits of internet based technology, so as to expand its market and modify traditional business structure, thereby going global. The aspects of e-business, which will be covered in the course of discussion, are design and manufacturing department and also, supply chain logistics. The appropriate mode of the company to cater to the needs of foreign customers will also be elaborated. Azinsu is an apparel company that has been extremely successful in creating its own brand in the female clothing industry. The product of the company has been highly popular among clients of the upper-end market, like, celebrities. The company has successfully created a niche market, where it has been consistently selling quality products. The traditional mode of operation of the company is, however, creating a constraint in sales. This is because products that are produced by the company are in huge demand all over, but lack of global presence is restricting them from having a global customer base. Presently, the company is devising new line of products, like, shoes and fragrances, which greatly appeal to the current target market, mainly consisting of fashion conscious women, who have the wherewithal to purchase the company’s products. In order to understand the juxtaposition of e-business in the traditional business model of

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